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Pregnancy packages


Whatsapp support

At any time in pregnancy, it is nice to know there is always an expert you can talk to. Someone who knows you and your file. You can ask for advice, get help you with practical stuff, express your doubts or concerns. Just grab your phone and get in touch.

This package can be booked monthly, starting at any point during pregnancy (and of course also after birth).

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Balanced pelvis towards gentle birth

As a woman trying to conceive you often hear about the importance of strengthening your pelvic floor, and using Kegels to help do that. However, you’re never really taught what these things mean or how to achieve them.  I was excited at the opportunity to truly learn what this meant and signed up for Mary’s Balanced Pelvis Toward Gentle Birth class.  Mary took the time to not only show me the exercises, but explain the importance and reason behind each movement.  Mary is passionate about what she does, and her kind nature immediately made me feel at ease.  I have been scared about the birthing process, and after Mary’s class I finally felt optimistic and that I can do something to help make the experience for me and my baby an easier one.  I would highly recommend this class to any women who want to learn more about their pelvic floor, breathing and preparing for labor. 


During pregnancy a woman can be confronted with challenges like lower back pain, girdle pain, a less mobile pelvis or other discomforts in the pelvic area. Often it has to do with a tension in ligaments, muscles or bones. Did you know that even having a breech baby can be caused by this tension?

But there is good news: you can reduce the chance of experiencing these discomforts or malpositioning of the baby by balancing your body. With exercises, specific positions and a healthy daily posture the alignment can be restored and extra space can be created, for your baby to get into the right position (head down).

This package includes:

- Changing posture during pregnancy: Tips & Tricks to prevent pain

- Daily comfort exercises

- Pelvic Balance Class

- Availability via Whatsapp, phone or email

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Toy and Onesie

Get informed

Informing yourself and being able to make the decisions that are right for you, knowing what to expect, preparing mentally and physically... It can avoid unnecessary stress, be reassuring, or maybe just a nice way to visualise what is going to happen.


The scope of this package is to give you all the information and explanations you need about (the last weeks of) pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Based on the information given during these classes, a birthplan can be written. Additionally you will learn severaly techniques to cope with the contractions, during the practical sessions.

This package includes:

- Prenatal Childbirth Classes

- Coping with contractions

- Birth plan

- Availability via Whatsapp, phone or email

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