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Pelvic balance class

In order to pass the pelvis in a smooth way, the baby has to face some obstacles. Not only your pelvic bones determine this passage, but also soft tissues like tight muscles, asymmetric ligaments or the position of your placenta can make it more challenging.


Increasing the likelihood to get your baby into your pelvis in the right position (head down), by creating space, in order to face an easier labour and birth.


Getting your pelvis in balance, by doing specific exercises for muscles and ligaments in the pelvic area.

Who is it for?

All pregnant women in their second and third trimester.

NOTE: This session is only available in combination with ‘Daily comfort exercises’, or in the complete Balanced pelvis towards gentle birth package.


An initial session of 1.5 to 2 hours: explanation of the main structures and their influence on the passage of the baby, followed by the exercises.

Follow up of the exercises: 1 session of 45 minutes

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