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Daily comfort exercises

Stretching and tonification every day is good for circulation, metabolism, and comfort. 


Especially during pregnancy stretching can help alleviate pain and improve your range of motion, which can mean a smoother and more comfortable pregnancy. By working on the tonification of the most important muscle groups, the stress on your pelvic floor, back and shoulders can be relieved.

To obtain a more complete physical preparation for labour and birth, a combination of sessions is recommended, see the Balanced pelvis towards gentle birth package.


During this one time session, we go over a series of exercises that, from that day on, you can to on a daily basis.

By doing gentle exercises we will:

  • increase your flexibility

  • stretch different groups of muscles

  • stimulate your cardiovascular system


Who is it for?

All pregnant women.


This is a session of 1,5 hours.

Bridge Pose

"Since I suffered from back pain during my pregnancy, the customized exercises that Marijke gave me, helped me a lot. The great thing was she would come over and do the exercises with me, observe and correct me to make sure I was doing it right."

Golnaz Y. - mom of twins

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