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Changing posture during pregnancy:

Tips & Tricks to prevent pain

Because of the growing belly your centre of gravity shifts forward, and your body will try to compensate this change. This may result in an incorrect posture, and discomfort or pain. 


To prevent pain and discomfort, by maintaining a correct posture.

To obtain a more complete physical preparation for labour and birth, a combination of sessions is recommended, see the Balanced pelvis towards gentle birth package.


You will learn how to keep a correct posture during daily activities. How do you walk correctly, without losing your balance? How do you stand, sit or lie in a correct way? And how to shift from one position to the other? How do you get out of the car without experiencing pain in your pelvis? 

Various activities that can be performed on a daily basis are discussed during this session

Who is it for?

All pregnant women. 


One hour session.

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