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Coping with contractions

Although for many women their biggest fear, labour can be a positive experience. 

It is a physiological process, and doesn’t always needs to be medicalized. Feeling confident, safe and comfortable are basic conditions to pursue this. ​

Already during pregnancy, you can start to prepare your body (see package Get informed) and mind (see Pregnancy relaxation).


To trust your body, to have the confidence that it will know what to do when labour starts.

NOTE: This class is designed purely to prepare you how to cope with contractions. Information on the different scenarios of labour are part of the Prenatal childbirth classes.










Preparing you as much as possible, mentally and physically, by:

  • going over the main principles of labour

  • understanding the importance and benefits of a proper breathing technique

  • trying different positions to cope with contractions

  • trying different positions to give birth

Who is it for?

Pregnant women in their 3th trimester.



Two sessions of 2 hours. These sessions can be followed separately, but also as an addition to the Prenatal childbirth classes.

Water Birth
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