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My goal

My mission is very simple: take away your worries, so you can live the journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood in a serene way, to meet your expectations, and let it be exactly the way you want it to be.

Every mother-to-be has different expectations. Your body is changing, a wonder is growing inside of you… Maybe you think about it in a very rational way, or maybe you are the dreamier type. It doesn’t matter. Every woman has the right to live and experience her pregnancy the way she does / she wants.


Expecting a baby is a beautiful aspect of life, but it’s also a mysterious one. You might have already read every book available on pregnancy, birth and parenthood, but you probably feel that there are still some uncertainties ahead of you. Don’t worry! That is perfectly normal. Nobody can tell you exactly how it will go. It’s part of the mystery.

One moment you feel euphoric. But the next one you feel scared. Believe me, you are not the only one!

During this special period, it is important to be surrounded by people you can trust; who share your happiness and can give you comfort when you need. People who make you feel at home.


Being pregnant and living in a country that isn’t yours, can be a real challenge. A new language, a different health care system, habits that are new to you. If you don’t know the right people who can lead you through the process, home can feel very far away.


And this is where I hope I can make a difference. I am here to help you in the way you want me to. I can help you with the more practical side of the process, but I can also accompany you along the way, both emotionally and physically. I am here to answer your questions and to support you in any way you need.

Mary is a gem. We feel fortunate to have found her during my third trimester and I only wish we would have come to know her sooner. She instantly put me at ease and helped to guide us in the final months of pregnancy through my labor and delivery. She’s extremely knowledgeable and passionate, an empathetic listener, and she meets you where you are in your journey by creating a customized approach and plan. After the birth of our daughter, Mary continued to guide us and has become a trusted friend. I highly recommend Mary to help guide you on your journey no matter what stage you are in – she will quickly become your trusted birth companion.


- Lauren & James -

thank you note sara.jpg

"The best birth companion you could wish for! Marijke was there when I needed her, giving me the exact amount of information I required and reassuring me. She is extremely competent, warm and thoughtful - I highly recommend choosing her to gently guide you through the ups and downs of your pregnancy and birth! ♥️"

- Marjan -

"I know Marijke as a capable and trustworthy woman. She has a passion for women in their journey towards becoming a mum. I highly recommend her as your birth companion!"


- Suzanne - (midwife, colleague and mom)

"Marijke has been my long-distance pregnancy companion. I live in Peru and she lives in Italy so I shared all my questions, doubts, fears and moments of excitement with her through Whatsapp. There is nothing more comforting than someone who follows up your pregnancy from close by; a person who can give you the right advice at the right moment.  

Marijke arrived in Lima two days before my son was born. When contractions started, she was there with me, and my partner. She has this amazing ability to make you feel at ease. She was very discreet, but she was there all the time, even during birth.

Once my son was born, I was lucky to have her close for another week. She was very caring, helping me out with whatever I needed, explaining me things I had questions about. She understood my “hormone cocktail” and its consequences. She was there for me. After she left, kept accompanying me from a distance.

I couldn’t have had a better birth companion!"


- Felien - 

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