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Organisational support in the Italian Health Care System

Where to find a good gynecologist or midwife? What about the private or public centers? Where to go for prenatal yoga? How does the Italian healthcare system work? Where do I have to register my baby?

These are some of the questions that definitely come to mind.

Together we can talk about the different possibilities and what choice may be best for you. 

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Accompaniment at a doctor's visit

If you don't feel secure enough to go to a doctor's visit, you fear you won't understand everything (because of the language, or maybe the content you're not familiar with), if your partner can't make it, or whatever the reason may be, I'll be glad to accompany you. 

During the visit I make notes, help translate where necessary, in a discreet manner. Afterwards we can discuss the visit and talk about all your questions or doubts.

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Home visits

These visits can be prenatal as well as postnatal. The moment and the amount of the visits can vary, based on necessity or personal preferences.

The aim of these visits is to answer questions, to help you pack your bag for labour, to refresh information or techniques you learned in childbirth classes, to check if you and your baby are alright, to give advice about feeding the baby, to talk about the birth, or if you just need to talk in general... Whatever you need the most at the moment of visit.

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Creating a birth plan

A birth plan is an easy way to communicate your wishes about labour, birth and postpartum to the different caregivers (for example to the midwives and gynecologists in the hospital). You can mention what you like, what you want to happen in certain circumstances, what you want to avoid. 

By creating a birth plan, you become an active participant in the decision making. Knowing what you want, and what you don’t want makes you feel more confident to talk to the caregiver. You will better understand what is going on, even when things don’t go as planned.


To be able to put together a birth plan, you need to inform yourself on the different options, at any point of the birthing process. Get (evidence-based) information on the internet, read some books, talk to other mothers you trust, go to prenatal classes (Prenatal childbirth classes), …

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Attending birth


Wherever you give birth, you want to feel secure. At that moment, it is nice to have people you know close to you. Your partner, a relative or a close friend; somebody who knows you as a person, what you want, what you like and what you need.

As a birth companion I am there to follow the process in a discreet way. I can answer your questions, you can talk to me, I help you find the right position, or simply give your partner suggestions in supporting you. 

If desired, I make a birth log of everything that is happening, so afterwards you can relive these intense hours at your own pace. 

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