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Pregnancy Relaxation 

Pregnancy can come with feelings of anxiety about pregnancy, birth or the future in general. This may be expressed in tension, negative thoughts or pain at any part of your body.

Even if you are living your so-called ‘dream pregnancy’, some relaxation for your muscles and thoughts can be so relieving.


Learning how to relax during pregnancy, how to take a moment for yourself.

Re-energizing yourself.

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By exercising the different techniques, you’ll know better how to counter a moment of anxiety further in pregnancy, or even during labour.


During the sessions we will go over the different ways to relax: breathing techniques, visualisations, muscle relaxation exercises, and other techniques to ease your mind.

EXTRA: Every relaxation session ends with a short REBOZO massage on that part of your body that needs it the most in that moment. More about the rebozo in my blog!

Who is it for?

All pregnant women, mostly starting in the second trimester.


The series contains 4 (individual) relaxation sessions, 1 session a week.

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