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210526_All that matters is a healthy bab

Post on FB/IG (26/05/2021):

"All that matters is a healthy baby"

When someone says, “all that matters is a healthy baby” this implies that women have no say in their birth experience. When a woman is told this, it then shames her into consenting to what her care provider is recommending or what other people are suggesting, because she is just the incubator of life, a vessel, nothing more, and her baby is more valuable than she is.

This statement makes any kind of abuse to the mother, whether it is physical, mental or emotional seem okay because they are doing it “for the baby.”


Post on FB/IG (19/03/2021):

"Becoming a parent during the pandemic was the hardest thing I've ever done"

I was heading home from a work happy hour on the subway when I realized that a woman was staring at my belly. (...) She was really the only person—apart from my husband, my obstetrician, some nurses, and my doormen—who ever saw me pregnant. My mother didn’t. My siblings didn’t. (...) In July, I gave birth to twins, and then I stopped going anywhere at all. “You take those babies home and you keep them there,” the head nurse at Weill Cornell Medicine told me. (...) Having a newborn is isolating all by itself. (...) My babies are almost eight months old and I can count on one hand the number of people we’ve spent time with since they were born. Other than my husband, not a single person I love has really seen me being a mother. (...) Every person who’s given birth during the past year, I’d guess, has experienced a version of the same thing—a sense of isolation so acute that it’s hard to process. (...) Every milestone that my babies hit without anyone being around to witness it was colored with some grief." (...)

COVID Mothers Study_print screen.png

Post on FB/IG (01/03/2021):


COVID Mothers Study

Our research contributes to the emerging evidence thatskin-to-skin care, rooming-in within arms’ reach, and directbreastfeeding may be safe for mothers infected with SARS-CoV-2. Breastfeeding is associated with a decreased risk of hospitalization for lower respiratory tract infection. Similar respiratory pathogens are not spread through human milk. Thus, policies to separate mothers and infants could potentially result in increased risk of adverse outcomes for mother and child, including infant respiratory infections, such as SARS-CoV-2 and influenza, particularly if exposed later during infancy. The harms of all forms of separation associated with harms to breastfeeding and maternal stress should prompt medical authorities to question the underlying assumptions of risks and benefits behind any policy decisions that include forms of separation of mothers and infants.

20210223_Articolo NIPT1.png

Post on FB/IG (24/02/2021):


NIPT: lo screening prenatale in un prelievo di sangue

NIPT: lo screening prenatale in un prelievo di sangue. Vaccari (Fnopo): "Per le sindromi di Down, Edwards e Patau attentibile al 99%."

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