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Pregnancy massage Rebozo

A rebozo is a long, woven piece of fabric, originated in Mexico, with a length of 2-2.5 meters, and has multiple purposes during pregnancy, while giving birth and even after birth to carry your newborn.

The sensation of a rebozo is twofold. On one hand the soft fabric of the rebozo wrapped around the different body parts (shoulders, pelvis, legs...), gives you a feeling of comfort and safety. Secondly, the jiggling movements invite your muscles to loosen tension.



The rebozo will be used in different ways to:

- intensify breathing

- relaxing the different muscle groups (total body or concentrated around the belly and pelvis)

- stretch the muscles in the lower back



By positioning the rebozo on the different body parts, making jiggling movements or use tension as a stretch methodology. 


One hour session.

"Entering the third trimester, my entire body has started to hurt as my bump continues to grow and it becomes more uncomfortable every day.  I thought I would try the Rebozo massage to help relieve not only my muscle aches, but also to help me relax.  Mary artfully used the Rebozo to wrap different parts of my body, taking the pressure off of those body parts, and then gently jiggling them to loosen tension.  My favorite part was when she lifted my bump, allowing her to hold the extra weight that I had been carrying for 30 weeks.  I came away feeling relaxed, not only mentally, but also physically.   I would highly recommend this massage for anyone feeling stressed or having body aches related to pregnancy."

- Inezmarie -

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